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10 Airport Travel Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

“Traveling is fun and exciting but getting through the airport can be a hectic experience. So just showing up and hoping for the best won’t be enough. You need to be prepared, nimble, and smart for your travel.” says Laura Newborn, the blogger of Bookcation.

#1) Plan your trip with Google Flights

If you’re planning to fly to another city soon, use Google Flights. You can use the tool to plan a trip based on different criteria like departure airport, destination and date that you will be flying out. The tool shows you the different prices of the flights and routes by month so you can easily find the best flight and dates available.

#2) Pack your carry-on with essentials

If you’re travelling to another place make sure that you do not pack anything that is not essential in your luggage or backpack. Make sure that it consists of only the things that are necessary. Carrying a carry on will help you to avoid any trouble that may occur in case your luggage gets lost or damaged.

#3) Make your own “Packing Cube”

These days, it doesn’t matter if you’re travelling for a business trip or just for vacation. Travelling with large amounts of clothing makes organizing difficult and cluttered. Packing cubes are the best solution for this problem as they allow you to pack things in an organized manner.

#4) Rethink where to store your leftovers

When you’re travelling, it is not always necessary that you eat everything at the restaurant. Though the food might be really good, if you have already eaten your fill, it is best recommended to store them in Tupperware or take away containers which you can easily carry with you.

#5) Travelling with kids? Get their favourite games on hand!

If you are travelling with kids and they are a little restless and cranky, then the best way to keep them occupied while travelling is to get their favourite games ready for them. It will not only keep them busy but also update them about their new skills and abilities. Travelling can be very difficult if children get bored easily so make sure that you bring along some of their favourite toys too so that they do not become cranky and tired. Travelling with kids for long hours without any fun activity may lead to too much stress for them as well.

#6) Travelling with left-handed people? Put on the window seat!

If you are travelling with a left-hand person, then position yourself on the right side of your car seat. This way you will be able to easily enjoy the view from your window without blocking it for your partner or friend. Travelling with friends can also get interesting and fun if you both have different preferences and views from each other. Travelling in peace is always appreciated but making sure that your partner does not miss out on anything important in his/her perspective is even more special and heartwarming to consider.

#7) Travelling with medication? Keep them safe!

If you are travelling with medication, then you should not forget to keep them small and easy to carry. However, make sure that they are stored in the right temperature conditions. Travelling with medication will never be so smooth if you don’t follow the correct procedures to keep your medicine safe and cool at all times while travelling. Travelling is fun but bringing along your loved ones and pets along with you can either create a joyful or tragic experience as well depending on how things go wrong.

#8) Travelling alone? Always check everything!

Travelling alone without any company might sound scary but it’s actually quite exciting when there is nobody to nag at you just for the sake of it. Travelling without force is always best, unless necessary, so travel light as possible. Travelling with baggage can be a hassle especially when you’re alone, but if you have your own set of tricks, it can turn out to be easier than expected. Check everything and check them again! A bag that hasn’t been checked properly is not only useless but also dangerous because it might contain items that will land you in trouble at the airport or even while onboard due to security issues. But first things first:

#9) Travelling with a lot of luggage? Always use the carousel!

Travelling with a lot of luggage is quite risky and tiring. Travelling with more than one suitcase requires extra endurance, so the best way to travel without worries would be by using airport carousels. Carousels let you check all your luggage at once without the need to move around. Travelling with big bags can be tiring and if not done correctly can lead to injuries, so using airport carousels is a much better option than carrying multiple pieces of luggage all around the airport. Carrousels are strategically placed in most airports these days, and this should be enough reason for you to travel light!

#10) Ask for help

Take care when asking airport staff about anything. Travelling during holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving can be quite hectic due to the extra rush. During such times, you might run into problems finding information regarding where you have to go next or even worse. If this happens then always remember that it is better to just ask for assistance rather than try.

Bonus Tip

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Written by Salman Azhar

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