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Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance | Fire Drill Friday with Jane Fonda, Catherine Abreu, & Romain Ioualalen | Greenpeace USA

Happy 2022! In our first Fire Drill Friday of the year, Jane Fonda is joined by Catherine Abreu, Founder & Executive Director of Destination Zero, and Romain Ioualalen from Oil Change International to talk about the launch of the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance during COP26. This is the first-ever diplomatic alliance dedicated to keeping oil and gas in the ground and a huge step in the right direction. We’ll learn what exactly the alliance entails, how it came to be, and how it will help us end the era of fossil fuels.

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About the guests:
Catherine Abreu is the Founder & Executive Director of Destination Zero, a new organization focused on building community for a fossil free future. An award-winning campaigner and coalition builder, Catherine has spent 15 years developing creative strategies that put people and community at the heart of climate action. She has been helping to build the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance since the very beginning, imagining a renewed vision of what climate leadership looks like.

Romain Ioualalen is the Global Policy Campaign Manager at Oil Change International, based in Paris. He works to push countries to ban new oil and gas projects and to plan a just and equitable phase out from global fossil fuel production. He has been very active in the creation of the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance, a group of countries and regions that have committed to ending new oil and gas exploration and to phase out their existing



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