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Deep Sea Mining: A Threat to Pacific Communities | Greenpeace USA

How would you feel if you woke up one day to find monster machines threatening to destroy your home? That’s what’s facing Pacific communities if deep sea mining starts happening: a new industry that will destroy their ecosystems and jeopardize livelihoods. Stand in solidarity with Victor and the Pacific communities facing the dire consequences of this destructive industry.

The risky business of deep sea mining aims to extract minerals from several thousand meters below sea level. If allowed to go ahead, this would cause huge damage to the great wildlife of the deep sea and threaten the livelihoods of the Pacific Islanders who depend upon the ocean for survival. What’s more, the deep sea is an important “carbon sink” (a place where carbon is stored), and the disturbance of it could exacerbate climate change.

Support the Global Ocean Treaty to protect our oceans from climate change and plastic pollution:



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