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Fire Drill Friday: Earth Day Youth Show | Greenpeace USA

Join us for this special Earth Day episode where Jane will be talking with youth environmentalists Amara Ifeji and Sirish Subash about the powerful and important role young people play in building a sustainable future. Together, across generations, we’ll be imagining what that future looks like and how we can make it a reality.

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About our guests:
Amara Ifeji is a 19-year old climate justice activist and advocate for equitable access to the outdoors for ALL youth. Her barriers to access to environmental learning drove her to lead citizen science learning efforts and conduct internationally awarded climate change research. Through her role with the Maine Environmental Education Association, she strives to empower a network of over 400+ youth environmental activists in the Maine Environmental Changemakers Network. Amara also pushes for both state and federal environmental education policy reform through her roles with the Nature-Based Education Consortium and the Maine Climate Council Equity Subcommittee. In recognition of her work, she was recently awarded the National Geographic Young Explorer Award –one of only 24 youth in the world.

Sirish Subash is a gifted young student, a 4th grader who lives in Marietta, Georgia. He has a passion for learning science, space, technology, the environment, and climate change. He is dedicated to educating others on the harmful effects of climate change and provides ways to be proactive in the quest to better the environment. He wants everyone to know they have an important role to play in the game so that changes can be made to better our planet. Whether you are one person or a big company, Sirish shares many ideas and suggestions that can have a positive impact on the carbon footprint here on Earth. When anyone plays a game, the goal is to win. With Carbon Block Puzzle there can be a positive change for our future generations here on Earth.



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