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Fire Drill Friday with Diane Wilson and Dr. Adrienne L. Hollis | Greenpeace USA

Today, we’re joined by Diane Wilson, Executive Director of San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper, and Dr. Adrienne L. Hollis, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist of Union of Concerned Scientists, in a powerful conversation about how science, policy, and activism build on each other to advance climate justice, public health, and a better world.

These two women are going up against the biggest challenges — speaking truth to power, and tackling the climate crisis and through public-facing activism.

About the Guests:
Diane Wilson is a fourth-generation shrimper, boat captain, mother of five, author, and an environmental, peace, and social justice advocate. During the last 30 years, she has launched industrial campaigns, demonstrations, hunger strikes, sunk boats, and even climbed chemical towers in her fight to protect her Gulf Coast bay. As of May 11, 2021, Wilson is currently on her 36th day of a hunger strike to stop the dredging of her beloved Matagorda/Lavaca Bay. Lavaca Bay is the site of one of the largest underwater mercury Superfund sites in the USA and the dredging will re-suspend the methyl mercury and devastate the fisheries and the livelihoods of the local fishermen. The dredging is for the sole purpose to allow Max Midstream, a pipeline company, to bring its Supermax ships into the harbor to export crude oil from the Permian and Eagle Ford Basins. Wilson is asking President Biden to reinstate the ban on oil exports and for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to revoke the dredging of the Matagorda Channel project.

Dr. Hollis is both an environmental toxicologist and an environmental attorney. She has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental justice and public health arena. First, by working in the federal system as a section chief at the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, where she worked on developing public health assessments for Superfund sites. Dr. Hollis has also worked as a project attorney at Earthjustice and as the Director of Federal Policy at WE ACT for Environmental Justice. Currently, she is the Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). She is a professorial lecturer at the Milken School of Public Health in the Environmental and Occupational Health Program and an adjunct professor of Law at New York University Law School where she co-teaches an Environmental Justice seminar.

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