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Fire Drill Friday with Jane Fonda and Kumi Naidoo | Greenpeace USA

Join us for the final Fire Drill Friday of 2021! In this special edition, Jane is talking with Kumi Naidoo, an internationally recognized advocate for economic, social and environmental justice, and former E.D. of @Greenpeace International. They’ll discuss the recent #COP26, why these international conferences matter, and the current shape of climate activism. We’ll also debut our annual look-back video with highlights of some of Fire Drill Fridays most meaningful moments of 2021.

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About the guest:
For over 40 years, Kumi Naidoo has been a voice amongst many for social, economic and environmental justice. From his humble township upbringing in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, to his work as an anti-Apartheid activist, to his leadership of international NGOs, Kumi has remained rooted in Martin Luther King’s Creative Maladjustment principles – refusing to normalize inequality and devoting himself to exposing injustice. Kumi Naidoo is recognized internationally as a passionate advocate for human rights, gender equality, economic, social and environmental justice. In this next chapter of his activism journey, Kumi is dedicating himself to getting back to his ‘roots’, with a focus on contributing more to the growth of activism movements and organizations, academia, as well as paving the way forward for a new generation of activists.

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