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Fire Drill Friday with Jane Fonda, Mustafa Santiago Ali, and Arlo Hemphill | Greenpeace USA

Jane is back for Fire Drill Friday! On this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali to help us make sense of the current climate landscape, the Supreme Court ruling in EPA vs West Virginia, and how we build power to elect climate champions. Jane will also talk to Greenpeace USA Protect the Oceans campaigner Arlo Hemphill about what could be the final negotiations for a new Global Ocean Treaty this August.

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About the Guests:

Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali is the Executive Vice President of Environmental Justice, Climate & Community Revitalization for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Interim Chief of Programs at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), Instructor at American University and the Founder and CEO of Revitalization Strategies. Before joining NWF, Mustafa was the Senior Vice President for the Hip Hop Caucus (HHC), a national nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that connects the Hip Hop community to the civic process. Prior to joining the HHC, Mustafa worked 22 years at the EPA and 2 years on Capitol Hill working for Congressman John Conyers chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Arlo Hemphill is an Ocean Project Lead with Greenpeace USA (GPUS). He represents GPUS in the global Greenpeace Protect the Oceans campaign, dedicated to winning a new UN global ocean treaty for the protection of biodiversity in international waters, and a global network of ocean sanctuaries to encompass 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. He is also co-lead of Greenpeace’s global Stop Deep Sea Mining campaign, a race-against-the-clock effort to end the threat of deep sea mining before it launches commercially as soon as July 2023. A marine biologist, explorer and conservationist, Arlo has been working at the confluence of ocean science, policy and communications for over 20 years, representing organizations such as Conservation International, Stanford University, and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean.



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