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The Best Weekend Getaways From NYC

The famous name that NYC is known by is “the city that never sleeps” and it lives up to its marks. We understand that the Manhattan skyline may be one of the most famous skylines in the world. However, outside of New York City there are many activities with various landscapes for residents and vacationers.

The question is, why you or anyone would want to leave a city full of infinite possibilities, surprises, and almost all the activities you can think of throughout the year. The answer lies in the many excellent escape routes near the Big Apple. But as much as one loves to live in the most fast-paced city, there will come a time that it will be overwhelming. At that moment, getting away over the weekend will be the only way to recover.

The weekends are the perfect way to escape the hustle of the country’s most populous city. The city’s infrastructure is impressive, which means you can quickly go through or around the city, making travel comfortable.

For points of interest, see our List of the best weekend getaways in New York City.

1. The Hamptons

To get away from the Big Apple’s busy lives, the popular destinations has been the southern tip of Long Island. There is a planet of activities in the quaint town of Hampton. Hamlet’s unique personality, from quiet, secluded places and artistic retreats to miniature versions of Manhattan’s Social Beach, Hampton has something for everyone.

Be prepared because what seems to be limited traffic in the summer, can quickly turn a short distance into a long three-hour drive. Thus there are different views if it is worth it or not. But if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City and have the will to beat the traffic, a beach paradise awaits everyone.

Dock House in Sag Harbor is the place to go if you enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. You can enjoy the beautiful pier view while enjoying the fresh local fish, which is the specialty of this place. Some resorts you could stay in and use their guided tours to enjoy bicycling or indoor pool activities, or you could just take a long walk on the beach.

Places you can stay: Gurney’s Star Island Resort & Marina, Baker House 1650, or Topping Rose House

Place you can shop: Goop MRKT, LoveShackFancy or BookHampton

Best dining place: Carissa’s, Blu Mar, 1770 House or Babette’s

Nightlife to enjoy: The Surf Lodge or Stephen Talkhouse

2. Hudson

The city of Hudson, New York, is located on the east side of the Hudson River, about a 2.5-hour drive from the city. But also, thanks to convenient rail connections and various antique and antique shops, art galleries, and cocktail bars, the Hudson River has long been a favorite of New Yorkers who are looking for a quick weekend getaway. You will be surprised to find that the Hudson River was the whaling port associated with Nantucket in the 19th century. This means it has a centuries-old charm and beautiful historical buildings.

The Hudson River is located only 120 miles north of the county seat, close to the winding Hudson River and numerous hiking trails. If you want to feel young again from the breeze across, these hiking trials should not be missed while visiting. It is a sight to see in the fall season as the surrounding mountains turn to different shades from orange to red.

There is a lot of good architecture to be amazed by. Like the 19th Century Queen Anne’s mansion, Victorian houses, warehouses, and factories are reminiscent of the legendary past of the Hudson River as a whaling center, an international trade center. Take a moment to stroll through the streets with your loved ones, full of antique gallery shops and art houses like House Hudson or Carrie Haddad Gallery.

Are you a foodie? Then Hudson is the gateway for you. The Hudson is known for its exquisite dining experience from the best-hired chefs from the famous New York City. Upon arrival at noon, walk the lush garden at Red Dot and enjoy a delightful brunch or lunch. Stroll the 250-acre grounds of Olana State Historic sites or the hilltops so that you can famish the fresh seafood like roasted salmon at the Swoon Kitchen bar at dinner.

Distance: From Penn Station, one should take Amtrak and get off at Hudson, taking approximately two hours. Main Street is within walking distance of the station. If you are going by car, it might take 2-3 hours to reach.

Places you can stay: Hudson Milliner, The Wick, or The Maker

3. Harriman State Park 

Wondering where to go for a getaway weekend? Try driving to Harriman State Park. New York City has many great hiking and hiking opportunities. Still, Harriman State Park is the second-largest state park in New York State and is only 30 miles from NYC. It covers more than 47,000 acres and has more than 200 miles of hiking trails along streams, woods, and the beautiful Hudson Valley. It is heaven for you if you love hiking, cycling, and the outdoors.

For people who want to escape the hustle and busy life of the city and enjoy the glory of nature, the Harriman State Park tour is perfect. The park is well worth a day trip from New York, providing the city dwellers with a taste of the backcountry, with 200 miles of hiking trails, 3 beaches, 2 campgrounds, 32 lakes, and seemingly endless wildlife, a perfect respite from the busy city life.

You can also visit Sebago Lake, one of the largest lakes in the park, for swimming, hiking, or camping. You can even hike through Harriman’s famous Appalachian Trail, which is 18 miles long.

Although the park is open throughout the year, the best time to visit Harriman State Park is summer and fall. The famous northeastern leaves make Autumn one of Harriman’s most exciting periods. The water is very calm, and the scenic beauty is a treat for the eyes.

Directions: By car, you can reach in approximately an hour, considering the traffic.

4. The Catskills

Located in the Appalachian Mountains in southeastern New York between Albany and New York City. The Catskills is ideal for a relaxing wedding vacation, a romantic getaway for two, and even a family vacation. The best way to get here is to drive 150 miles. Depending on the traffic and the time of year, this can take anywhere from two and a half hours to four hours.

When the fall leaves illuminate the mountains with their bright colors in autumn, you will never want to leave. Want to enjoy a panoramic view? Check out Woodstock’s Overlook Mountain or the Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you can hike or just relax and meet someone. You can take the fastest and highest zipline on Hunter Mountain or hike to the Hudson Athens Lighthouse for those looking for more adventure and thrill. There are almost 98 peaks in the Catskill Mountains.

Catskills also has excellent restaurants, you can try all classic dishes. From bed and breakfast to luxury resorts, there are a variety of hotels to cater to all tastes. One fun fact about the area is that it was the filming location for the film Dirty Dancing in 1987, starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

Hotels to stay: Graham & Co, Phoenicia or Hotel Dylan.

Direction: 2 hours by car

5. Newport, Rhode Islands

The choices are truly endless while visiting the city that was founded in 1639, located about 50 miles south of Boston on the east coast of the United States. Newport is known as the seaside city, as this beautiful city has many public beaches, such as Easton Beach. Whether you are looking for a fun family adventure for a day or a romantic seaside holiday for two. This small and unforgettable coastline has a small town that is instinctively different from its surroundings: charming mansions and colonial houses, epic sea view.

It is worth visiting any time of the year. In summer you can enjoy sandy beaches, in winter the skiing and snowboarding and in the spring the beautiful trees and around the coastline. But if one had to say, the best time would be autumn.

For an inexpensive option in the heart of town, the Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina will do the trick! The rooms are basic, but the hotel offers overnight parking, plus bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards for use.


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