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The importance of the US-Supreme court

The importance of the US-Supreme court

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And to start us off I have a question for you: Have you ever heard of the US-Supreme court? Well, I hadn’t until the end of September, when one of the justices of the court, the marvellous Ruth Bader Ginsburg, died. That event was on the news all over the world. If you’d like to learn more, read on and find out more about the importance of the Supreme court in the USA.

The supreme court often has the final word in debatable cases and in cases between the governments of the 50 states in the US. In general, the Supreme court is the highest institution of the US-law. A few years ago, the Supreme court decided to allow same-sex marriages in all of the 50 states. In only a few was that possible until the court made the same rule for all. In the end, the Supreme court had the final word in this controversy.

Now, one of the justices, Ruth Ginsburg, has died and it is necessary to replace her in the court, which is a significant task for the president. Since the supreme court has an enormous power in America, the nomination of the next justice should be well thought through.  Due to the presidential election it should not be that easy, although the current president Donald Trump has already nominated Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative, as the consecutive justice. A lot of people in the US think that it shows a terrible attitude to Trump replace Ginsburg, who was a liberal, with a conservative. That’s also the case because the second candidate for the election, Joe Biden would replace her with another liberal to keep the balance in place. As you can see, Ginsburg’s death has caused enormous discussions among the American people.

Liberals and conservatives are really different, which is why it is important to keep the balance between them in the Supreme court. Let us assume, that there’s a really difficult case in Atlanta and the justices have no idea what they should do with the accused. So, they will take a look if there has been a case like this in the supreme court before and how the court has decided. Conservatives will always show a tendency to solve the case in the same way the court did, because they think that the traditions are mostly better than new ideas and practices. Liberals, on the other hand, will take a look at the precedent, but they will try to come up with a new solution, because they are more progressive in terms of their values.
Because of these two facts precisely, it is crucial to keep a balance between liberals and conservatives in the Supreme court.

I think you can see that the Supreme court is a really important institution in the USA and I think it is really important to replace Ginsburg well. Now, I’m interested in your opinion. Do you think Ginsburg should be replaced before or after the election? Write it in the comments below!

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