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Enough: A Poem for Mother Earth by Gina Loring | Greenpeace USA

In our ‘Stories from the Frontline’ segment from the latest Fire Drill Friday, we were honored to hear this powerful poem written and performed by artist and activist Gina Loring.

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Enough: A Poem for Mother Earth
by Gina Loring ©2021

As if her embrace does not carry us each day
arms open, heart chakra extended
she gives and gives and gives
with relentless faith in our goodness
long after it is deserved
desires only for our wellbeing
our belonging
a song she hums low and steady
she is a sturdy wind
the ground that holds us and the stars,
the moon, the milkyway rhythm rainforest
rocky mountains and tundra
open air, the umbilical chord we are all connected to
fields of flowers in bloom, sandy dunes
every flowing stream
every pathway through
violets and golds and blues
her voice is there
beneath the breeze if you listen
she is speaking with each sunrise
child, she says
do you not feel my heartbeat
pulsing beneath your feet
my veins the rivers you
drink from
I am your daily bread
every medicinal root and plant
science and secrets
I am the cells in your body
water, earth, air, fire
I am the big bang, doing big thingsI am the sky your grandfather’s grandfather prayed to
my ocean my trees my mountains
there is no life without me
yet you so carelessly
swing your selfishness
wounding worlds beyond what you can see
bees, bears, wolves and whales
oil spills spreading like cancer, you are like a cancer
my every organ infected now
each limb gasping under the weight
of your greedy grip, short-sightedness
trains, planes, and automobiles
space ships and skyscrapers
but there is not enough metal or cement in the world
to cover all of me
I am the lifeline to all that there is
your ancestors took rest on my shores
your descendants know me well
they too are mine
I am one with time
does not exist beyond this
beyond this
moment this moment
even in this moment you are taking
always taking
took my insides and spilled them out
even my fingers are heavy now
from the gravity of your ungratefulness
cut me open
bled every vessel dry
I would cry but the storms and hurricanes of my weeping
do not alarm you enough
my volcanoes and forest fires
tornados and monsoons
do not move you enough
I am shaking from the core
breaking, cracking open
pulling up at the roots
these days you are lucky I still open my eyes at all
you have no idea
the damage you have caused
the troubled waters you have conjured
oh children, oh children,



Written by Option

Option ist eine idealistische, völlig unabhängige und globale “social media Plattform” zu Nachhaltigkeit und Zivilgesellschaft. Gemeinsam zeigen wir positive Alternativen in allen Bereichen auf und unterstützen sinnvolle Innovationen und zukunftsweisende Ideen – konstruktiv-kritisch, optimistisch, am Boden der Realität. Die Option-Community widmet sich dabei ausschließlich relevanten Nachrichten und dokumentiert die wesentlichen Fortschritte unserer Gesellschaft.

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