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Where you were born should not dictate whether you get the vaccine or not. We need a People’s Vaccine: free, fair, and accessible to everyone, EVERYWHERE.

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We all want to end the pandemic and reopen the economy. But to do so –we need a COVID-19 vaccine that is available to everyone. A People’s Vaccine. For years drug companies have raised the price of our medications, while receiving billions in taxpayer dollars. Now, the US government has given them $10 billion of our tax dollars to develop a vaccine. Yet, the drug companies will still hold complete control over the price and own the patents for medicines we paid to invent. Sound unfair? That’s because it is. A People’s Vaccine will ensure that we don’t pay twice.

Without a People’s Vaccine, there’s no guarantee of a treatment that’s affordable and accessible to all. Where you were born and how much money you have shouldn’t determine whether you live or die. A People’s Vaccine will be affordable, and distributed fairly, based on need, not ability to pay.

Across the world, drug companies are getting rich while millions cannot afford care. A People’s Vaccine is a chance for change. It’s this simple-COVID-19 vaccines invented with taxpayer dollars must be made available for free to everyone who needs them. It’s time for a People’s Vaccine.


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