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Creating clean energy together: Citizens drive the energy transition in Energy

The newest winning project of the URBAN MENUS Smart City Calls ( has been announced – the call is tendered by the Austrian-Argentine architect & urban planner Laura P. Spinadel. In the Smart City Products & Services category, the current award goes to, the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives. is a network of 1.900 energy cooperatives in Europe, and it is continuously growing bigger. 

REScoop stands for Renewable Energy Sources Cooperatives – and as the name suggests, they are all about citizens working together for a future with cleaner energy. This participatory approach and the sense of being part of a community, of working together for a common goal, is crucial for the success of REScoops. By involving citizens with all their different perspectives and ideas, REScoops can pave the way to a just transition, making the cities of tomorrow smarter overall. The idea of REScoops is also aligned with the URBAN MENUS principle, aiming to consensually develop collective visions for city quarters that benefit everyone.

“What’s special about REScoops in general, is that they are based on a very democratic principle” says Myriam Castanié, Strategy Manager at Participants in REScoops are “citizens from all over the EU that decided at some point in their local communities to take ownership of the energy they consume and that they produce (…).” Together, people invest in projects such as renewable energy installations, energy efficiency measures and other actions that jointly drive the energy transition. These endeavours are also more and more fostered by legislation, directives and strategies at all levels across the EU ( provides the necessary tools to successfully complete such citizens energy projects. From community coaching to a toolbox providing guidance, makes sure that everyone involved gets the support they need in each step of the way.

There are many benefits of taking part in such Energy Communities, some of the most important ones are:

  • Keeping money in the local economy
  • Fostering social acceptance for renewable energies
  • Keeping individual investment affordable
  • Benefiting the local community
  • Taking action on energy

Find out more about and Energy communities in a video featured on the URBAN MENUS Smart City Platform:

Initial spark for something big – the URBAN MENUS Smart City Calls continue to be open to all who are working on consensual visions and solutions for an urban future worth living.

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Written by Laura P. Spinadel

Laura P. Spinadel (1958 Buenos Aires, Argentina) ist eine Austro-argentinische Architektin, Urban Designerin, Theoretikerin, Lehrerein und Gründerin von BUSarchitektur & BOA büro für offensive aleatorik in Wien. In internationalen Fachkreisen als Pionierin der ganzheitlichen Architektur durch die Compact City und den Campus WU bekannt. Ehrendoktor der Transakademie der Nationen, Parlament der Menschheit. Gegenwärtig arbeitet sie an der partizipativ und wirkungsorientierten Zukunftsplanung durch Urban Menus einem interaktiven Gesellschaftsspiel, um unsere Städte in 3D mit einem einvernehmlichen Ansatz zu gestalten.
2015 Preis der Stadt Wien für Architektur
1989 Förderungspreis für experimentelle Tendenzen in der Architektur des BMUK

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