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Fire Drill Friday with Jane Fonda, Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Anthony Rogers-Wright, and Gina Loring | Greenpeace USA

Join Jane Fonda as she speaks with representatives from the Green New Deal Network – Rhiana Gunn-Wright and Anthony Rogers-Wright. Tune in to hear how to organize and win on climate, racial, and economic justice through organizing at the local, state, and federal level. Right now, this means pressuring President Joe Biden to make the THRIVE Agenda his guiding framework for economic recovery and then making the Green New Deal a reality. Stay tuned to the end for a poem from this week’s storyteller, Gina Loring!

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About the guests:
Rhiana Gunn-Wright is the Director of Climate Policy at the Roosevelt Institute. Before joining Roosevelt, Gunn-Wright was the policy director for New Consensus, where she helped develop and promote the Green New Deal. A 2013 Rhodes Scholar, she previously worked as the policy director for Abdul El-Sayed’s 2018 Michigan gubernatorial campaign and served on the policy team for former First Lady Michelle Obama. She graduated magna cum laude from Yale in 2011 with majors in African American studies and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.

Selected as one of the 50 People You’ll Be Talking About in 2016, Anthony K. Rogers-Wright has over a decade of policy analysis, community organizing, and outreach/advocacy experience. In 2016, he acted as a surrogate and policy advisor for the Bernie Sanders presidential, and served as a policy advisor for Senator Sanders, Governor Jay Inslee, and Senator Elizabeth Warren during the 2020 presidential election season. He currently serves as the Director of Environmental Justice for New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, a proud and active member of the New York Renews Coalition, and sits on the Board of Directors for Friends of the Earth, Backbone Campaign, and Center for Sustainable Economy, as well as the Advisory Board for Evergreen Action.



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