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Fire Drill Fridays in Port Arthur, Texas with Jane Fonda and John Beard, Jr. | Greenpeace USA

In this episode of Fire Drill Fridays: On the Road, Jane Fonda is on the ground in Port Arthur, Texas, a frontline in the continued fight against environmental racism and the climate crisis. John Beard, Jr., Founder and CEO of Port Arthur Community Action Network, gives an on-the-ground look at oil wells, refineries, and petrochemical plants that are inundating the community with industrial pollution. They talk about ‘sacrifice zones’ and the continued legacy of strong resistance, including the current fight to stop new and expanding crude export infrastructure.

It is critical that we support and fight alongside frontline communities like Port Arthur in our campaign for real climate justice, be sure to tune in to learn how.

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About the Guest:
John Beard, Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Port Arthur Community Action Network. After working in the oil industry for 38 years, Beard turned to holding the industry accountable and became a community advocate in his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. He founded Port Arthur Community Action Network (PACAN) to fight for health and safety protections in an area teeming with refineries, export terminals, petrochemical plants…and cancer.

In the past year, Beard has emerged as an environmental justice leader on the national and world stage. He was a participant at the United Nations COP 26 in Glasgow Scotland; a recipient of the 2021 Rose Bratz Award from the Center for Biological Diversity, and the Community Sentinel Award from Halt the Harm Network. He was one of the frontline leaders of October’s historic People Vs. Fossil Fuels week of action in Washington, a keynote speaker at Seventh Generation’s 2022 corporate assembly, presenter on petrochemical proliferation at Bennington College, Vermont, and met with key members of Congress at the recent “No More Sacrifice Zones: STOP MVP!” rally in Washington, which led to the successful removal of Manchin’s permitting provisions from the budget bill.



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